VI Events

1. Free Tactile Art Kit!

To children in the United States from ages two through eight years old.
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2. SMART Brailler

The SMART Brailler® is an updated Perkins Brailler that displays, vocalizes, and produces braille based on what a student types. Three major design and software updates, including UEB support, make this the strongest and toughest version yet! Save $700 on the SMART Brailler® from September 1st to October 31st with the coupon code SMART700.
The SMART Brailler® is an updated Perkins Brailler

Who does it benefit?


Visual, tactile and auditory feedback encourages a multi-sensory learning experience. Built-in Building on Patterns curriculum increases the student’s ability to process new information.


Non-braille parents no longer have to be left out of their child’s braille education; they can now get involved in their child’s homework with the built-in video screen that displays the braille their child types!


Building on Patterns software allows TVIs to provide instruction and guidance on lesson plans to be completed while the TVI is in-between public school visits or helping other students.


NGeneral education teachers can be a part of their students' braille learning and review assignments quickly, by viewing what a student types and transferring brailled files onto a computer via USB.