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Apps for Children with Special Needs - Gary James at maintains a large list of educational apps for children with special needs. James reviews the apps and posts demonstration videos so that users can see what each one is all about before spending money to purchase them. By producing these videos, James demonstrates how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really work from a user perspective.

Face Read 2 - Can your child make out who is HAPPY and who is ANGRY just by looking at their faces? Here is a fun way to recognize emotions. This app uses pictures of real human faces to model emotions. So, download this app and look for Happy, Angry, Surprised or Tired teenager face.

Autismate - AutisMate is a revolutionary scene-based iPad app that focuses on both communication and behavioral therapy to enable children with autism to become more independent. The app’s fully customizable design presents autistic children with interactive scenes made of familiar pictures, videos, and recorded voices from the their own environment.

Augie - augie, now available on the Apple App Store, is an easy to use voice output augmented communication app for the iPad and iPad 2. augie serves anyone in need of a portable AAC solution that is specifically designed for functional communication. augie users recommend it for people of all ages in need of customized functional communication support.

Activity App - Shoe Tying - Teaching shoe tying with this Activity App® will generally make teaching shoe tying easier, quicker, and less frustrating for the parent, teacher, and for the child or student. The purpose of this Activity App® is to make it easier and more effective to teach any individual from typically developing young children to very low functioning individuals how to tie a shoe. You can teach both the skill and the language associated with shoe tying to facilitate generalizing shoe tying with different shoes and situations.

Speak It - Have Speak it read your emails, favorite news articles, documents and more while you exit the app and do other things with your iPhone!

Little Writer - Little Writer is a tracing app that's done just right. Little Writer is super fun and so easy to use that your kids will think letter tracing is a game vs. a boring chore.

iLuv Drawing People - Your budding artists will learn to draw pictures of kids doing their favorite things in 5 easy steps and in the process learn the basics of drawing. They can color, decorate and "DRESS UP" the drawings they created and also send as greeting cards to the loved ones.

A Little Book About Feelings - Overview: A beautiful picture book app with enchanting images and empowering messages from the experts on social and emotional learning for young children. Colorful photos of handmade felt creatures engage young children as they learn about the origins, universality and variety of feelings. Based on the "A Little Lesson On Feelings" segment in the award-winning children's show, "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show." (Narrated by Ruby, too!)

Middle School Confidential 1 - Middle school can be a serious pain with bullies putting you down, blowups threatening friendships, and real doubts about how you measure up. Good thing you don’t have to go it alone! Meet Mateo, Michelle, Jack, Jen, Chris, and Abby—six friends trying to figure out what middle school’s all about. Follow their adventures and watch as they work to meet new challenges and survive the social scene—without losing sight of who they are.

Be Confident is based on Book 1 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential™ series written by teen expert Annie Fox, illustrated by Matt Kindt, and published by Free Spirit Publishing. This graphic novel app enables readers to zoom right into the story world. With beautiful full-color illustrations and richly layered audio made up of movie-like sound effects and music, Be Confident will be a sure-fire hit with 8–14 year olds. As a bonus for parents and teachers, this app puts thought-provoking entertainment and solutions into the hands of teens who deal with these personal issues every day. It will challenge teens to think about their emotions and behavior in new ways and encourage them to make more respectful, cooperative choices at school and at home.

Phonics Genius - This app is specifically designed to help students recognize and distinguish words by sounds. This app is loaded with content. We are talking over 6,000 professionally recorded words carefully grouped into 225 categories by phonics.

Tap To Talk - TapToTalk displays a page of pictures on the screen. When you tap a picture, TapToTalk plays a word or sentence and displays another page of pictures. Each of those pictures can lead to another page, and so on, up to ten levels deep. For example, a picture representing Food can lead to a page with pictures of Fruit, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Snacks and other foods, up to twelve pictures per page.

Montessori Letter Sounds HD - Based on the Montessori* method, Montessori* Letter Sounds works in 4 steps:
- From the age of 3: “I spy” to play sound games.
- Around 4 years old: “Letter sounds” to memorize the letter sounds and shapes.
- Between 4 and 5 years old: “Mix and match” to bring together the two first steps.
- Around 4 1/2 years old: “Sound it out” to write their first words using a moveable alphabet.

The Social Express - The Social Express™ is engaging, educational software for children and young adults with social learning challenges. The software is designed to teach users how to think about and manage social situations, helping them to develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.

DisAbility Connect - Are you on the go, but really need to find an organization in your state that has disability information or provides support for parents? Or do you need the contact information for a national disability specific organization? NICHCY has just the app for you! Find the contact information for organizations providing information on disabilities, special education, early intervention, support groups, and many more while you are at a doctor’s appointment or even at a school meeting with just a tap of your finger!

Verbal Victor - Verbal Victor is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) software application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Verbal Victor is designed primarily for individuals with emerging communication skillls and developmental delays. It has two modes: administrator and user modes. In administrator mode, Verbal Victor can be customized to show one, two, four, or six (and up to eight buttons in iPad) on each screen. Parents or therapists can also use the administrator mode to create new buttons and record related audio for each button. In user mode, Verbal Victor allows the user to communicate in the same way as he/she would with a traditional AAC device. Access to the administrator mode is protected by gesture control (the user must hold two fingers on the screen) and a password. Verbal Victor was designed with input from special education teachers and speech therapists at the Children's Center for the Physically Disabled, Winston-Salem, NC, and parents of children with Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. Like any other entry level AAC device, Verbal Victor is designed for the parent or therapist to fully customize content to the child's needs, via built-in cameras, built-in microphones, or through iTunes. Minimal content is provided.