What is the Special Education Service Agency (SESA)?

Watch SESA specialists in action in this video.

SESA is an educational service agency comprised of a core low incidence disability service inclusive of a statewide lending library. Low incidence disabilities include autism, hearing impairment, vision impairment, emotional disabilities and multiple disabilities. In addition, SESA operates four grants:

  1. Alaska Autism Resource Center (AARC)
  2. Educational Transition Support Project (ETSP)
  3. Alaska Deaf Blind Project (DSI)
  4. Guiding and Investing in New Special Educators (GAINS)

SESA was created in 1986 by the Alaska State Legislature to provide the following special education services to Alaska’s school districts:

  1. Itinerant outreach services to students who are autistic, deaf, deafblind, cognitively impaired, hearing impaired, blind and visually impaired, orthopedically disabled, health impaired in other ways, severely emotionally disturbed, and to students with multiple disabilities.
  2. Special education instructional support and training of local school district special education personnel; and
  3. Other services appropriate to special education needs.

How to access SESA services

In order for SESA to consult with teams about specific students, a referral must be completed. The Referral Packet contains all the necessary forms to be filled out for SESA services to begin.
Access a referral packet now!

Our Mission

SESA provides consultation and training to support the unique educational needs of individuals and the Alaskan communities that serve them.

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ATTN: Anne Freitag, Ex-Officio Trustee-Alaska

Please be informed our school district/agency does not have any visually impaired students enrolled at this time.

Board of Directors Meeting

The Special Education Service Agency (SESA) Board of Directors will hold public Board meetings on Friday, June 6, 2014.

Location: 3501 Denali St., Suite 101, Anchorage 99503.
For more information, please call Emily Berliner at 907.334.1300.

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