Perkins Webcasts
Perkins School for the Blind has produced a large number of on demand webcasts on important topics related to student with Visual Impairment and students that Multiple Disabilities including vision impairment.

This is an online community that offers tips and support from other parents of children who are blind or visually impaired. It is a collaboration between the American Foundation for the Blind and the National Association for the Parents of Children with Vision Impairments.

WonderBaby is a website dedicated to helping parents of young children with vision impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities.

Strength of Siblings
Meeting the unique concerns of brothers and sisters of children with special needs: This is a collection of articles on the topic of siblings from a SESA newsletter insert.

Common eye conditions
This is an article on common eye conditions and classroom accommodations for children with Down syndrome.

Making toys and other activities easier to access.

Technology Collaboration
Collaboration brings technology to a young girl's school program!

Safe and Sound Student Safety Curriculum
A safety awareness curriculum for students who are visually impaired and have multiple impairments. This is a document that is 191 pages.

Image of a braille cell with numbers Learn to Braille : Online Resources