Literacy and Adapted Books

This material was originally created by K. Marie Osinski, former SESA MD Specialist, and Anne K. Freitag, SESA Librarian, for two presentations at ASSEC. The links and references have been updated recently.

Definition of adapted books: Any book that has been modified in some way that makes it more accessible to a student who has difficulty with typical books. Adaptations can include: fluffers, extenders, contrast, braille, simplified text, age appropriate text adaptation, glare, and tactile additions. Adding Boardmaker symbols and props, match and press, touch and feel, scratch and sniff are all adaptations. Using books on CD-ROM with adapted keyboards, single switch or a TouchWindow is another method.

This series of pages is for emergent and early literacy, rather than the NIMAS textbook adaptations.

PowePoint Presentations:

Access to Books : Popsicle Sticks to Adapted Keyboards - Presentation (slideshow)

Hey! Try Stuff for Free: Techniques for Teaching Literacy Using Materials in the SESA Library(slideshow)
Hey! Try Stuff for Free : Techniques for Teaching Literacy Using Materials in the SESA Library,/a> (PDF)

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