Recommended Reading

Picture This : Photography Activities for Early Childhood Learning, by Susan Entz (second edition, Corwin, c2009) is a fun, filled early childhood book about ways to engage students in activities using photographs. This book is filled with illustrations and strategies to bring young learners into enjoying photography while learning about core subjects and social skills. This book is has activities for all learners; including learners with special needs. This book offers photography activities across 10 subject areas including emerging literacy, physical development, sensory exploration, social studies, math, science and drama.

"Environments that Engage and Inspire Young Learners" is an article talks about the importance that learning environments play in the lives of young children. Materials and items that represent the child’s home environment and culture should be represented in their learning environment in preschool. An example of this is books written in the student’s native language. Items should also represent individual learner’s needs and interests. The article also points out that using a cardboard box for play and learning can enhance student’s spatial concepts and add to an enjoyable social interaction with other students.
Young Children, Volume 68, Number 4, September 2013, page 6-7.

The issue titled "Positive Guidance in the Early Years, Using Developmentally Appropriate Strategies" has articles of particular interest to the GAINS Project. Our project embraces the use of best practices strategies for early childhood to use in the classroom, home and school settings. The issue highlights appropriate strategies for social emotional engagement with young children.
View the table of contents here. This journal is available at the SESA Library, at the UAA Consortium Library, at the UAF Rasmussen Library, at the UAS Egan Library, or via interlibrary loan through your local library.
Young Children, November 2013

"You’ve got it", by Lise Fox and Rochelle Harper Lentini first introduces the reader to the teaching pyramid that describes different levels of interventions to promote social and emotional development for children. The article provides classroom-teaching strategies that may be embedded in the child’s day.
Read the full text of this article here.
Beyond the Journal, Young Children on the web. November 2006

"Collaborating With Parents in Using Effective Strategies to Reduce Children’s Challenging Behaviors" is an article that will help to foster positive partnerships with parents who may need effective strategies for their children who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. The article offers prevention strategies, new skills to teach and responses to challenging behavior.
View the table of contents. You may purchase the article through the publisher at this site.
Read the abstract here. You may also request this article as an interlibrary loan through your local library.
Young Exceptional Children, Vol.16, No. 1 March 2013