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About the IDEA Partnership and the School Behavioral Health Community of Practice (CoP)

Lyon Johnson volunteers his time to the IDEA Partnership and provides technical assistance for the partnerships online platform, www.sharedwork.org. Mr. Johnson is also a co-facilitator for the IDEA Partnership’s Connecting School Mental Health and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) practice group. This practice group is a national Community of Practice (CoP) and is a conduit for families, researchers, administrators, and practitioners to find common interests and practices related to school mental health (SMH) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). PBS approaches are designed to prevent problem behaviors by proactively altering the environment before problems begin and concurrently teaching appropriate behavior. School-wide positive behavior support systems support all students along a continuum of need based on the three-tiered PBS prevention model. SMH can be thought of as a framework of approaches that promote children’s mental health by emphasizing prevention programming, positive youth development and school-wide approaches. These approaches call for collaboration among mental health providers, educators, families, related service providers and school administrators in order to meet the mental health needs of all students. By working collaboratively, this practice group seeks to clarify the relationship between PBS and SMH in order to promote seamless practice at the local level.

  1. Resource video for educators that focuses on the research and methods of teaching students meta-cognitive strategies.
    Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, speaks of his pioneering work in interpersonal neurobiology, which studies how the brain is influenced by interpersonal relationships. He called for an approach to “internal education” that teaches children to monitor both their own internal world and the interpersonal world.

  2. Never Alone is a video game. It is a puzzle solving video game where you explore traditional Inupiaq stories help a young girl save her people from an endless blizzard.